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Oh...I am so excited to share my thoughts, ideas, recipes, resources to inspire you for your wedding and parties… Who knew when I was in Brussels that I would one day live in sunny LA designing and planning parties for all of you!

And more Los Angeles Engagment Pictures..

March 12th, 2009 by Alice

Some more of the same event….

March 12th, 2009 by Alice

Los Angeles Wedding Flowers to Inspire…

March 11th, 2009 by Alice

I just wanted to share with you that as a los angeles wedding planner, people are always asking me for the name of the flower shop we use, but we do all our own floral design in house. As a designer it’s hard for me to give up this very important part of the design to a florist. I find it natural to keep the flowers in harmony with the decor so in-house it is! Here is a design from a engagement party we did in January for the loveliest couple. Stay stuned for more photos. Also, my apologies for not posting the paper flowers. I have been getting so many emails..I will very soon-promise! xoxo Alice

Wedding, Birthday, etc… Mike’s amazing cakes are REALLY AMAZING..

March 7th, 2009 by Alice
As a Los Angeles Party planner I have seen so many cakes and cake designers, don’t mean to sound pompus but, I can hardly keep count but a couple of years ago, I was in Chicago for the food show and discovered Seatle based Mike’s “truly” amazing cakes. Is he an alien? becuase his cakes are so perfect it doesn’t look-like a human has made ‘em! I mean perfection! Anyway after that, I kept seeing him on the Food Network and here or there. Has that ever happened to you? He was everywhere. Anyway.. He ships to Los Angeles…I know what you are thinking..How can he ship a cake ..? I told you, I think he’s an alien but..seriously they arrive perfect! I’m a huge fan of his work. A real cake master. 

Stretching the buck for Non-Profits

February 8th, 2009 by Alice

Lately, stretching the buck is on everyone’s mind but especially my Non-Profit clients. There is hope for all those Galas. I wanted to share this “A Night at L’ Opera” event that we recently organized because we really stretched the budget. The whole event was under $50,000 for more then 220 people with VIP dinner menu, all the entertainment and decor; no one could believe it! We made everything out of paper! We spray painted (Alice in Wonderland style) the leaves gold and added huge yellow roses. See if you can spot paper flowers. I’ll post more on the paper flowers and detail so make sure you look for it! I am a little bit obsessed with paper art recently. I’ll tell you why next post.
xoxo Alice

Ideas for Los angeles weddings, parties, Bar–Mitzvah and more..

February 6th, 2009 by Alice

I had to share this beautiful art form with you. I received an email from this incredible artist from California, Karl ( He creates these silhouettes for parties..or weddings. So original! I just love them!

Greening Tips for Valentine’s Day Table Design

February 5th, 2009 by Alice

Here are some greening tips for a Valentine’s Day tabletop design, for getting in the Valentine’s mood!
I love to read your comments or answer any questions so don’t hestitate xoxo Alice

Warm Toast from Fairies

December 11th, 2008 by Alice

I recently heard about this fab. company TOAST from the UK (where I was born) even though I’m Belgian, long story. One my favorite photographer, Yvette Roman and I were chatting about it! And what’s errie is the catalog arrived by post at home two days later. I’m beginning to believe in fairies. It’s offically my new favorite catalog, so I had to share it. It’s like a British Anthropologie.

Let Them Burn Candles Without Harmful Chemicals…

November 14th, 2008 by Alice

Cire Trudon
Just wanted to share this really fabuleux candle company ’tis the oldest in the world! I discovered them in Brussels years ago but you can find them all over LA or even online …there is a sort of magic when burning one, maybe it’s because they are made the same way as in 1643, the year founded. Maison de Cire Trudon is the oldest candle making company.. didn’t I already say that?’s amazing to think that they used to supply candles to Versailles for King Louis and even Napoleon…These candles are made a L’Ancienne, so they’re made with palm, rice, soy, copra oils and cotton so it burns without smoke. Who knew that the world’s oldest candles are so avant-garde and Eco..

From Halloween Past…Frightening fetes..

October 24th, 2008 by Alice

My kids, husband and I… We just lo0ove Halloween, so every couple of years or so, my daughter and I plan a Halloween party for her Birthday… here are the pictures from one of her fav. parties, we hope it provides some inspiration… we set up a formal seating area for her friends to dine on a frightful feast and created a haunted house, faux bloody punch with a frozen face, ghost stories and scary games and to top it off, a fortune teller inside the haunted house…